Southern Florida for Foodies

Southern Florida for Foodies

Five Southern Florida Eateries for Foodies

From farm-fresh ingredients to Caribbean-inspired flavors, Southern Florida has a lot to offer visiting foodies. Here we list five of the can’t-miss tastes of Florida, many of them in the Palm Beach area.


The menu of Relish features a range of burger options, not to mention an array of toppings and burger accompaniments, such as gourmet shakes and craft beers. Located in the historic Northwood Village neighborhood, its ambiance is festive and vibrant, with a bold decor and well-lit space that is cozy and casual while remaining vastly different from your typical fast food burger place. You’ll love its juicy burgers, which you can eat inside a modern dining room or outdoors at a bistro table.

Table 427

Table 427 is a Mexican fusion eatery that features high-end meals made from fresh seasonal ingredients. Inspired by the Latino background of Chef Roberto, you’ll find authentic yet innovative Mexican dishes with unique flavors created to excite your palate.

With its soft colored walls paired with a vibrant decor, you’ll savor your dining experience in the cozy environment. Rich woods accentuate the warm ambiance, and you’ll also have the option of outside seating.


For those searching out an upscale eatery, Kitchen is known for its high-end dinners and innovative twists on typical American fare. Chef Matthew Byrne has created meals around the country for some of America’s elite, and his restaurant was created as a relaxed version of exquisite dining.

Focusing on modern furnishings and a trendy, contemporary decor, this eatery pairs high end meals with a semi-casual atmosphere.


Chef Michael Hackman is a culinary great in the Palm Beach area, with Aioli being the most recent of his successful culinary hotspots. Providing breakfast and lunch to its avid patrons, Aioli also offers an option of “to go” meals for dinner.

Creating gourmet meals in a casual environment, Chef Michael offers high end salads, sandwiches, sides, and dinner entrees to go. Each menu item is made up from fresh seasonal ingredients and locally-inspired flavors.

Sporting walls made of reclaimed wood and iron details, Aioli offers gourmet flair with relaxed charm, as patrons order their meals at the counter and serve themselves.

Taste History Culinary Tour

Finally, if you are a foodie pressed for time, or eager to sample a little bit of everything that the local area eateries have to offer, don’t miss the Taste History Culinary Tour in West Palm Beach.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy little gourmet eatery or a wide sampling of local cuisine, Southern Florida is an area that foodies can’t afford to miss.