Six Fun Yet Odd Things to do in Florida

Six Fun Yet Odd Things to do in Florida

Florida is a state that many people love to pay a visit; there are so many sights to see and things to do. Florida however also offers a bit of weirdness that not everyone is aware of, there are various attractions located throughout the Sunshine State that are definitely worth paying a visit to, even if it is just for bragger’s rights and a picture for a souvenir.

Here are six fun spots to consider visiting while in Florida:

1. Airstream Ranch: Dover, Florida

Frank Bates created this strange yard art in celebration of Airstream´s seventy fifth birthday. Although it is now the property of Tampa RV, you can still observe what seem to be eight Airstream trailers growing right out of the ground.

2. Monkey Jungle: Miami, Florida

At the Monkey Jungle, the humans are caged while the monkeys wander freely making this a unique exhibit. All walkways are covered with tunnels made of wire preventing any attacks from the monkeys as happened in the 1930s when they first opened for business. This should not frighten you; it is now a super fun and extremely safe place to visit.

3. Butterfly World: Coconut Creek Florida

Not only the first in the entire country, but also the largest in the entire world, this butterfly house is an enchanted enclosure that delights young and old alike with the eighty varieties of butterflies living there.

4. Solomon´s Castle: Ona, Florida

Although not the brightest in school, artist Howard Solomon was a genius at working with his hands. On his own, he built a castle that is aluminum covered for him and his family to live in and it is alias where he houses his art. His creation has now become a classic roadside attraction in Florida.

5. Skunk Ape Research Headquarters: Ochopee, Florida

What was once the office of Jack Shealy´s Trail Lakes Campground was later taken over by his brother Dave began his search for the difficult to spot Florida version of the Bigfoot which is known as the Skunk Ape. This location is a must-see even if you are not a believer; there are fun exhibits and even a petting zoo.

6. Wolf´s Museum of Mystery: St. Augustine, Florida

This relatively new museum of all things odd is privately owned, however, unlike Ripley’s, everything you see from a human brain encased in resin to a stillborn elephant is up for sale at this one of a king retail museum.

These are just six of the many fun yet a bit odd things there are to see and do in Florida, one this is certain, there is something for everyone and you will never be bored throughout your visit.